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Godstud wrote:@Zionist Nationalist Covid-19 is not a flu. :moron:

Educating yourself about the virus might help before you rant on about anecdotal evidence and ridiculous stories you've heard. They're dumb and you make yourself appear stupid by talking like that.

Covid-19's death rate is 1.3% for your parents, in their 50s. That is 26 times deadlier than the "flu".

Covid-19 is a pneumonia, not a flu.

Pretending anyone who is getting on in years doesn't have a comorbidity is wishful thinking. Things like stress and mental illness are also comorbidities.

Anecdotal evidence isn't evidence. They are just "stories".

A pneumonia is a developed condition and not specifically a virus. It usually develops in conjunction with multiple kinds of infections.

I wonder if all of the salon owners violating the lockdown are thinking, "today is a good day to dye."

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