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0-100 1.8 sec.
Max speed in excess of 500kmh
Titanium Piston Rods
Zylon Monocoque Chassis
Car & component parts designed & manufactured exclusively in Hellas.

Chaos will debut in this year's Geneva Motor Show.

Spyros Panopoulos, ultra rich magnate wanted to create his dream of the ultra-car, exclusively in Greece and employing solely Greek engineers, he poached several Greek designers & engineers from Ferrari, McLaren and Lamborghini to bring his vision into life.

Mega patriot, claims he is doing it to repatriate Greek minds back into the country.
The suspense in that clip was off the charts. I just wanted to see what the car looked like.

It’s hard to believe you can 3D print cars, but there you go. Cool.

You can 3D print the components of the car and I can see how 3D printing is capable of disrupting this and other industries. It's awesome stuff :)
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