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Politics_Observer wrote:@Finfinder

Hey you guys carry guns and seem to want to fight, so we'll carry guns too. We have served in the military and have actual real world combat experience. We don't want to fight but we will fight to defend our rights and our families against evil dictators like Trump.

Doubling down on being a bigot. Probably a racist too. "you guys" and "we" are you God or something? Who are you speaking for BLM or ATIFA?

You sound very immature. All these threats don't appoint a supreme court justice and if Trump wins we will kill you and burn it down. Do you have any friends and are they all like you? Are you supposed to be taken seriously here?

I don't want those treasonous traitors that are called Trump supporters messing me with me or trying to force a dictatorship down my throat. Trump ain't never been my President and never will be. The REAL bigot is Trump and his supporters. Sometimes you have to take a stand and fight for what is right. You can't always be worried about your own life or personal safety.

Well hey man, I am not afraid. Since you like to talk so much why don't show yourself here. I can be identified and my IP address can be traced, so it's not like what I am saying is exactly anonymous. You're just running your mouth and still wet behind the ears. I can be found and identified easily right now. So, you know, I am not afraid Finfinder.
late wrote:According to recent Democracy Fund polling, 83 percent of likely Black voters favored former Vice President Joe Biden

That's catastrophic for Biden.

Politics_Observer wrote:Are you ready to fight?

AR-15? Check. Kalashnikov? Check. Ammo? Check. Body armor. Gulp... maybe I should get some Kevlar. I'm not going to initiate violence unless someone intends to use force against me. Do you think threatening violence is going to get people to vote for Biden? I don't. The riots are going to drive people to the political right.

Politics_Observer wrote:Democrats are not guilty here.

Who's ruling by emergency decree? Democrat governors. If you're afraid of dictatorship, it's Democrats you need to be afraid of. Who is encouraging riots? Democrats. Who is rioting? Democrats. Who is in control of cities where police are killing blacks? Democrats. If you're so very afraid of all this, you should be concerned about the Democrats. Republican controlled areas are pretty quiescent by comparison.

Politics_Observer wrote:You refuse to see it and there is no reasoning with you.

Frankly, I don't think the Republicans can tie their shoelaces. Trump is a force to be reckoned with, however. Look at his rallies. He's going to win again.

Politics_Observer wrote:Republicans are trying to stop a free and fair election and install Trump as dictator.

You know, maybe it's time to switch to decaf. Biden is taking another day off from campaigning, which for him consists of giving a press conference speech and taking no questions from the press. By contrast, Trump is getting thousands of people attending his rallies--during a pandemic no less.

Finfinder wrote:This is the best part of POFO when the leftist flat out and openly display their bigotry.

What's bizarre is that they talk violence, and they are the ones unprepared. If they start violence, I think they are going to be shocked at how well armed the political right is. Trump is not a dictator, obviously. Governors ruling by emergency edict is dictatorial power. Yet, none of these people are afraid of that for some reason. Their fear of Trump is always about some latent potential, but not in anything he actually does.

Politics_Observer wrote:The REAL bigot is Trump and his supporters. Sometimes you have to take a stand and fight for what is right. You can't always be worried about your own life or personal safety.

So what do you think you are going to do? Start shooting people in MAGA hats? Trump supporters have already experienced a lot of violence from Democrats.

Well, I am not going to initiate violence either unless somebody tries to use it on me. I want to be ready though because Trump supporters have been going around brandishing weapons without provocation AND Trump has refused to guarantee the peaceful transfer of power. Given that is the case, that makes violence more likely. I also don't want to live under a Trump dictatorship and that is not acceptable to me. That being said, using violence because I don't like a Trump dictatorship is not what I plan to do. I just want to be armed for when I think Trump's dictatorship or his supporters try to use violence on me so I can defend myself and my rights and return fire. I probably wouldn't be able to leave the country, so the next best thing is to arm up and be ready for the fight. I don't want Trump's government trying to force it's dictatorship on me. Things are going to get worse in this country blackjack, so buckle up and be ready and on edge. That's just the way it is today, so I got to be ready.

Check this out, a heavily armed black militia has showed up at Stone Mountain in the state of Georgia heavily armed demanding that confederate monuments be taken down. They are also challenging white militia and far right militia groups.

Tainari88 wrote:You follow the slush funds and the hundreds of thousands of dollars of speeches and the bullshit PACS you find out who has power fairly quickly. Follow el dinero. :)

"If they say it's not about money, it's about money." H.L.Menckin ………… jimjam's all time favorite muckraker.
blackjack21 wrote:Kalashnikov? Check

Hopefully, not one of those Century Arms 'Made in America' pot metal knockoffs (VSKA, C39V2, RAS47)?

Headspace problems:

The Century Arms VSKA, C39V2, and RAS47 could all kill you, not the bad guy. The VSKA has a nasty habit of trying to disassemble itself upon firing as the large pin securing the barrel falls out. The headspace goes and it blows up... The C39V2's bolt is machined all wrong and eats the front right locking lug. The headspace goes and it blows up ... The RAS47 has a pot metal cast front trunnion prone to fail at very low round counts. The headspace goes and it blows up.

Examples of documented round counts to failure:

RAS47 failure of *cast* front trunnion at 35 rounds.

VSKA barrel pin walking out (Two rifles launch party testing) at between 1000 and 1500 rounds.

C39V2 failed field gauge at 3500 rounds, no go gauge at 3000.

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blackjack21 wrote:
That's catastrophic for Biden.

I see, so it's good when Trump appears to get increased support from the Black community, but "catastrophic" when that happens to Biden.
Beren wrote:
He may have his allies in the Republican party, but he cannot be sure about the GOP's loyalty as well. The military also says they won't intervene, however, in my opinion they're actually preparing for all possibilities (the Marine Corps especially) and they're not exactly pro-Trump, for example. I wonder if there's any pro-Trump segment of the government or the usual power centres such as the military-industrial complex, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, etc. Sure, they more-or-less get along with him, but do they really want him? I wouldn't think so, so if he can't win the election, he wouldn't win a raw power struggle as well.

I hope you are right.
ingliz wrote:Hopefully, not one of those Century Arms 'Made in America' pot metal knockoffs (VSKA, C39V2, RAS47)?

Nope. Izhmash.

late wrote:I see, so it's good when Trump appears to get increased support from the Black community, but "catastrophic" when that happens to Biden.

Biden should be polling at 90%, not 83%.
late wrote:
I hope you are right.

Everyone in America that is a law abiding, tax paying, legal citizen with a brain, are ready to vote for President Trump. The Greedy, Career Criminal, Democrats, and their staff, (funded by taxpayer's money)will always vote for themselves. The HUD Ghetto feeders are full again. They are refilled every election cycle by the Democrats, but this time, the impoverished fentanyl kings and queens, are being allowed to destroy the Democrat Cities and States. The Left is being exposed for the hypocrisy of not defending the rioters and the losers that are allowed to destroy everything Democratically controlled. The Left is eating itself and everyone is seeing it happen. Even the media cannot contain the Democrat's evil ways anymore. Democrats will always accuse the other side of what it is doing, or has done. Never vote for an Antifa Loving, Police Defunding, BLM supporting, Leftist, Communist Democrat, this century. Only an idiot would not want four more years of President Trump's agenda to make and keep America great. All of the never Trumpers should immediately leave the USA. In doing so, they can help to make and keep America Great Again. Communist Never Trumpers and Illegals still Suck!

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