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Quarantine is a centuries old practice.
It goes back to at least the 1300s and the Black Death.
The Founding Fathers knew all about it and were just fine with it.

However, the Founders would be aghast that the US is putting people into quarantine and not feeding them for months. And now, is threatening to put them out onto the street to live under a bridge.

IMHO, this situation is totally appalling. If there was a shortage of food, well what can you do then? But, there is plenty of food. There is no shortage of credit either. The US dollar is a fiat currency. The Congress proved that there is no shortage of dollars when they gave $3T away to the 1% with the CARES Act.

Also, IMHO, the recent events where Trump maneuvered to steal the election should be punished by the voters in the next election. That is, all Independents should vote for anyone who is not a Republican. Please, don't forget to do this. Only those who have drunk the Trump-Repud Kool-Aid should vote for any Repud, except the very few who have or will denounce the attempt by Trump to steal the election of the President of the US.

There ought to be a movement to amend the Constitution to require the President be elected by election in all the states* and the EC votes just be given to the Candidates however the state legislature says as long as the winner gets her/his Electoral College votes. There at least 3 choices--- give all the ECV to the statewide winner, split them like Maine and Nebraska does now, and apportion them statewide according to their percentage of the statewide votes. There may be other ways to split them.
. . . I'm saying that the meeting of people to cast their ECV is unnecessary. That all the state Sec. of States can send the certified results with the resulting number of ECV to Congress to count.
. . . It would be nice if 1 more ECV was given the some state or territory. Then, there could not be a tie unless some state failed to send in its ECV totals. IMHO, this ought the be the most populous state, now it's Calif.

.* . This is exactly like the XVII Amendment [ratified in 1913] to have the US Senators be elected and not selected by the state legislatures. Note that, this occurred when Teddy Roosevelt's Progressive era was in charge.
The Young Turks (TYT) had this story on food banks in America, because the Fed. Gov. has taken their jobs with lockdowns and not replaced the workers incomes. Others would have lost thier job because there were less customers because of the raging virus spreading uncontrolled because of the Fed. Gov's. failure.
I live in SE Asia and here the Gov. did control the virus, and most people have returned to normal life for the last 5 months.
[6 min. long]

With all due respect to TYT, I didn't hear them say one word about AOC in this clip.

The situation in the United States of America is the sum of a number of factors and forces. These include a long-standing mistrust of government. There's also the curious nature of the American public, which desires beneficial government programs on one hand and accepts the ideology of lower taxes and smaller government on the other. The struggle between our two political parties for dominance over a willingness to compromise is also part of the mix.

While the thought of Constitutional amendments as cures is nice, it must be relegated to the land of dreams. It will not happen for the foreseeable future.

Regards, stay safe 'n well. Remember the prophylactic Big 3: masks, hand washing and physical distancing.

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IMHO, it doesn't matter what the reasons or excuses are.

The situation is appalling, disgusting, unacceptable, and maybe even a crime against humanity.

On "The Hill" on "Rising",
Krystal and Saagar: New Study Shows Deaths Of Despair Hitting Poor Working Class Of ALL Races
Nov 27, 2020

This is what leads me to call this situation appalling. We are talking about DOD = Diseases of Despair leading to DEATHS. To excess deaths. Don't tell me the nation is handling the situation in a good way. I'm telling you that the nation is handling the situation is a very substandard way. I'm telling you that the US has unlimited credit and so has deficit spend trillions to help corps. and has not used this credit to help the people. This has led to, I don't know, maybe a few 100Ks of excess deaths from DOD.

I really hope that independent voters vote next time with this in mind.

Voters cant change anything about the current situation when both options on the ballots agree on handling the current situation poorly.

Thats the problem with a system thats effectively a two party system, thanks to majority vote and many other way the system is rigged and has been rigged since centuries. A two party system is hardly better than a one party system. The same people who donate to the republicans donate to the democrats, and vice versa.

We just had the biggest voter turnout in any POTUS election since 1900 and for what ? Absolutely nothing. Neither of these people actually proposed effective help for regular people in the crisis.

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