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In a huge victory for the global south, half of all vaccines administered around the world originated in China.

The BBC wrote:The data analytics company, Airfinity, has tracked global production, and estimates that China has exported commercially 1.1 billion doses (as of 8 October) of its vaccines to 123 countries (as either bulk substances or finished doses).

Of these, around 110 million have been purchased by the Covax global vaccine-sharing scheme to provide vaccines to lower-income countries.

In addition, according to UN data, China has so far delivered around 37 million doses as donations (as of 1 October) out of a total pledged of around 52 million.

So the Chinese claim of 1.2 billion doses exported may be slightly on the high side, but pretty much matches the combined estimates of others outside China (1.138 billion).

Added to the figure of 2.2 billion for doses given in China itself, that's more than half of six billion doses given globally - with the caveat that we can't be certain how many exported doses have actually been used so far.

China has also pursued technology transfers in order to establish manufacturing in UAE (see link above) as well as Algeria, Morroco and Egypt.

In a further victory multiple countries are pursuing their own vaccines including the first DNA vaccine in India.
https://www.theguardian.com/global-deve ... ses-target
AFAIK wrote:In a huge victory for the global south, half of all vaccines administered around the world originated in China.

Happy poor countries are getting more shots, but it's mostly due to any rich country not touching that stuff with a 10-ft pole. When it comes to many goods developed in China there's legit trust and quality issues. Not known for their honest brokering.

I personally can't wait for a country known for its business practices of lying, stealing, and ripping people off to become the largest global economic power!
Sinovac is NOT mRNA technology, so it's far less experimental than the American patented ones that are being forced into arms all over capitalist countries and their colonies.

https://www.rafflesmedicalgroup.com/hea ... -vaccines/

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