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CDC: Almost 400 reports of heart inflammation in children after Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has published the most extensive statistics yet involving reports of adverse events among children who received Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine.

According to CDC, there were about 400 cases of myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle, reported in young people aged 12-17 after the Pfizer-BioNTech shot as of July 16.

According to the data, about 8.9 million children aged 12-17 had gotten the Pfizer-BioNTech shot as of July 16. ... 9-vaccine/

In some cases this heart inflammation can eventually require the children to have to undergo surgery for heart valve replacement.

Just acceptable collateral damage?

Let's remember, the government passed special legislation preventing people from being able to sue for damages caused by adverse affects from the vaccine. These families will not be able to sue.

I do wonder how many of these children were forced to take the shots against their will.
Seems very unfair.
19-Year-Old Simone Scott Dies From Heart Failure After Moderna Vaccine

Simone Scott, a 19-year-old student at Northwestern University, received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine in April.

She felt noticeably fatigued afterward and developed a bad cough, but thought it could be allergies. Time passed and suddenly it was May, and she was due to receive the second dose. Although she was still not feeling herself, she stuck with the schedule and went in for it. Simone got the second dose on May 1.

Over the next two weeks, she experienced frequent nose bleeds, a low-grade fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, and irregular heartbeat.

During this time, she visited the student health clinic three times, where it was assumed she had some kind of virus and she was given antiviral medication.

Doctors failed to properly diagnose the previously completely healthy teenager.

By May 16, she had only gotten worse. Dizzy, seriously fatigued and unable to walk, Simone was admitted to the hospital where she and her family were told her heart was failing.

They suspected it was myocarditis, and that “a virus was attacking her heart.”

An emergency surgery to insert a balloon pump was performed, but it failed and Simone was placed on a heart-lung bypass (ECMO).

By May 23, doctors informed her parents that a heart transplant was her best option and the surgery was performed that evening.

Following the surgery, Simone continued to struggle and had to remain sedated. Her lungs had been severely damaged, and the immunosuppresive drugs she was given to tolerate the transplant led to a severe lung infection.

On June 11, Simone’s parents were called in to say their last goodbyes. Simone passed away that Friday morning.

“I lost my only daughter. I never thought I’d have to give up my daughter for the greater good of society. I do suspect it was the vaccine. If not directly, it played a role. I never knew that there was a risk for something as serious as this. I would have wanted to.” —V. Scott, mother ... a-vaccine/
wat0n wrote:400 out of 8.9 million? How many unvaccinated children had myocarditis during the same period?

These adverse events occurred soon after they had gotten the vaccine.

To get a good idea of what was going on, we would need a control group, to compare a group of non-vaccinated and recently just vaccinated within a given period of time.
For those that don't know, it's very common for vaccines to have severe adverse reactions in rare cases.
Oftentimes these cases are rare enough that they are not caught in the safety and testing phase of the vaccine development.

more about rare adverse side effects in another vaccine:
" This is where the "consequence free sex" mentality can lead "
Puffer Fish wrote:For those that don't know, it's very common for vaccines to have severe adverse reactions in rare cases.
Oftentimes these cases are rare enough that they are not caught in the safety and testing phase of the vaccine development.

"It's very common for vaccines to have severe adverse reactions in rare cases"? This is an oxymoron.

You may also want to read about MIS-C (Multi-inflammatory Syndrome in Children), over 3,700 cases out of 4 million infections of COVID: ... 2005142186

It seems being vaccinated is still safer than getting COVID.
For reference, in Australia more people under the age of 60 have died from covid vaccines in 2021 than from Covid.

Now our government is mandating mandatory vaccinations. I'm tapping out. This is unacceptable. And here is the big picture, with lessons learned from the US-the biggest most well documented sample size. Also from CDC.


Yeah no thanks mate. Inactivated vaccine I'll risk, this new unproven shit no. I've always been partial to authoritarian tendencies and enforcement of acceptable social norms. I'm a collectivist. But this isn't acceptable based on all my research.

a) Our government is CLEARLY incompetent and operating on the basis of partial information - too many unknowns. This goes for many governments around the world.

b) Based on all of the above I choose not to get vaccinated with the two available vaccines in this country. I need options.

c) bite me.
The number of kids with myocarditis after receiving the vaccine was 400 kids out 8.9 million kids.

The number of kids with myocarditis after getting Covid was about 450 kids out of a million. ... finds.aspx

So kids are about nine times as likely to get myocarditis from Covid than from the vaccine.

This is another reason to get vaccinated.
When we say "Kids", what age are we talking about here? Only that the UK is a leading nation in vaccinations and they haven't vaccinated children. Not that I think the OP is relevant given vaccinations have decreased Myocarditis, but my opinion is children under 18 shouldn't be vaccinated yet anyway given we should concentrate on the world and they are not at risk. That doesn't detract that people who can be vaccinated should be vaccinated.

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