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Collapsing Relations with China Hit Australian Economy with Food Shortage, Lock-down and Economic Downfall.
Instead of seeking to engage in pragmatic dialogue – and recognizing that China is a major economical world power, while Australia isn’t, Anglo political elite politicians in Canberra seem determined to indulge themselves in bluffing macho acts of aggression.
There would be no win against China, short or long term.
That's the reality that the present Australian government refuses to accept.
Australia is set to lose all of the trade deals with China which will reduce their standard of living dramatically.
Tearing up the agreements with China will earn them praise from the U.S. but at a tremendous cost to Australian economy.
colliric wrote:Yeah it's pretty bleak.

The country will survive, but I really hope the next generation learns it's lesson.

"Follow the US's SJW Get Woke Ideology, go broke!"

It was good old reactionary nationalist Bulldust form our leaders rather than "wokeness".

Scot Morrison is 'Woke' not in this universe,
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