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By Torus34
There's a story from a while back about a worker who each night, as he left the factory, would wheel a wheelbarrow full of straw through the gate. The gate guard checked the straw carefully and found nothing hidden within it. Eventually, he even had the straw analyzed to see if it was soaked with something. It was just plain straw. Finally, in desperation, he asked the worker what he was stealing. The worker replied, "Wheelbarrows."

So it may be, perhaps, with the Republicans demanding recounts in state after state. They may not be trying to steal an election. Perhaps they're simply trying to steal some money from state treasuries. The group selected to recount the votes may make 'campaign contributions' [wink, wink, nudge] to the politicos.

Cherchez le fric.

Regards, stay safe 'n well 'n remember the Big 5.

PS. See how easy it is to construct a conspiracy theory out of whole straw? ;-) [Ed.: Er, that's 'cloth', dude.]
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