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as a Litwin , I have so much sympathy toward my Slovenian brothers and sisters , Long Live Slovenia !! Moscow´s Balkan poodles can only dream about Slovenian live quality and Slovenian power !
yes as nature and culture Slovenia is uniquely beautiful place, yet from political aspect is real mess, after joining eu oligarchy crushed and grab the factories and thus stalled the economy, also indebted the country til ceiling eg. for infrastructure that is already weared out, and on top migration became huge issue i.e. while slovenians migrate to Austria or rest of eu in bulks alternatively ex-yu'ers and albanians are colonizing Slovenia enmasse ...

your sentiment is understandable, but first ask some slovenian whether he shares your enthusiasm, you'll be surprised that more and more there is resignation coz the eu membership! btw this thread should be in europe subforum not news one ...

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