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Interesting reading Hancocks over his affair last year. Despite his position being untenable, he did ultimately apologise and resign. Of course it is true that he was trying to hang on first off. And then there was the whole BS of trying to catch the whistle blower and deflecting blame. And there was an attempt to make it seem that this was 'within the rules' given it was a "work place affair". But even so, he seems to have seen his error in his ways and wants to move on and given he isn't health secretary now I guess we should let him.

So why am I posting this thread? Thats right... Boris Johnson. There is a contradiction with Hancocks rhetoric and Johnsons actions. It may have died down, but it won't be forgotten that Downing Street had a sleazy past midnight party and polls reflect that in trust in MPs since then. Johnson should have resigned. He is ruining the image of politics in the UK and he isn't even doing a meaningful job right now by still insisting the party was within the rules (how?). So I wonder what Hancocks makes of that? Or it his words merely political or does he think politicians should indeed resign with a failure of leadership?

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