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Paul Beckwith goes over in detail the results of a study on how temp changes, aka climate changes, have impacted human societies over the last 10,000 years. Long story short, temp changes of 0.25 deg. up or down (usually down but sometimes up) often led to food shortages, poor health, disease pandemics, civil unrest, war, barbarian invasions, massive death, and collapse of entire civilizations.

See the nice graph of how temps have stayed with in 0.5 deg. C of the average temp almost all the time for the last 10,000 tears.

Now, our temps are on average up 1.1 deg. C and over 1.8 deg. on land. This is 3 times more change than what caused disasters in the past. And it is still going up. An ave. of 2 deg. is all but certain, which means 3 deg. in the center of large land masses.

The current food disruptions are just the start. I expect food prices to never return to 2021 levels in the next 100 years, unless most people have already died.

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