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The South Koreans are warning that the nuclear test by North Korea is imminent and there are evidence that they are ready to do so. ... nnel-no-4/ ... tion=nk/nk

Biden is mishandling this problem. If they do a nuke test, then expect military drills by the US and South Korea and then all hell is going to break loose, with North Korea making bombastic threats towards the US and South Korea. Under Trump, the North did only one nuke test, but a year later he and Kim had a summit and the North Koreans promised to dismantle the nuclear weapons and to stop missile tests. Now that Biden is in office, the North went crazy and fired all the missles, including the ICBM, and they are going to perform a nuclear test. Biden's policies towards the North is making the world a dangerous place, just as the Russians are invading Ukraine and are threatening nuclear war against Europe.
No one is mishandling the problem.

Dictatorships fully understand democracies switch stances all the time. What democracies should do is to call them bluff when they "flex their muscles", and not afraid of it when they do the real deal.

While I do approve what Trump did, it's just not the same situation now. You sound like just another Trump propagandist.
Who cares if they want to nuke their own country?

North Korea is an impotent, and failed state. Its threats are empty, and its tests, meaningless.

Biden's policies towards DPRK are completely valid. The more attention Kim Jong Un gets, the more important he feels. You ignore the idiot and he flexes his muscles every couple years then goes back into his troll-cave.
Igor Antunov wrote:NK is best korea.

People vote with their feet. Nobody is trying to move to NK. Lots of people are trying to leave NK.

When you have to kill or threaten to kill people to keep them from leaving your country then your country probably sucks.
Unthinking Majority wrote:People vote with their feet. Nobody is trying to move to NK. Lots of people are trying to leave NK.

When you have to kill or threaten to kill people to keep them from leaving your country then your country probably sucks.

I fully support deporting Antunov to NK and ask Kim Jong Un to treat him like a 탈북자.
DPRK can blab about having nukes, and blow them up in its back yard, but the reality is that they'd never be able to actually use one, without it being shot out of the air, and DPRK reduced to cinders. Nuclear capability isn't the be-all end-all.

@Igor Antunov You are talking about a country which has a CDP lower than Canada's military budget.

South Korea is not "occupied". :roll: You're being a foolish idiot, AGAIN.
@Igor Antunov and you're all about foolish idiocy. :knife: An impoverished country that fields technology at 1950s level is a military threat to the world.

Independence for who? The people under the oppression? Staying power doesn't count for shit.

Oh wait. I forgot. You think Putin is democratic. You're a fucking moron. :lol: :lol:
:lol: "Oppression of the mind". Is that what happened to YOU? :eh:

I suppose if you only go by what FaceBook, Youtube, or Twitter feeds supply you, this can be the case. Most people can critically think, however.

That you can't accept someone else's freedom, and what they do with it, is not their problem, but yours.

If you want to dress up and dance around, then power to you. It's not hurting anyone. That's your freedom, even if small-minded people can't understand that freedom isn't just about what THEY want, but what others want for themselves.

That you support countries that do NOT have Democracy, only shows that you know even less about it than the people you say are "brainwashed".
I buy what I saw and felt traveling to over 26 countries, and living in a western country for 20+ years. I've seen the changes first hand relative to those elsewhere. The west is adopting self destructive cultural practices. It has no future. My conclusion was formed over many years. It is sound. You're trying to conserve, I get it. You're a boomer. But there's nothing worth conserving, that ship sailed. You're effectively conserving institutional wealth and spreading destructive practices. This is the ass end of imperial decline.

The term 'democracy' means NOTHING. Kleptocracy would be more accurate. Look at the pace of infrastructure and positive social development in 'dicktater ships' like china vs those in the west. night and day, we are being played like drums by our corporate overlords. The politicians we 'elect' don't even serve us. And the perceived 'solutions' to these problems are even worse, the radical 'left' fighting for equity/representation is like a religious cult, myopic, used as tools by oligarchs and simply further undermining the family structure-the most important element of any society. It's unironically over. Accept it.
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Igor Antunov wrote:The west is adopting self destructive cultural practices.
I can't disagree with that, but change takes time and is sometimes completely fucked up.

Igor Antunov wrote:You're a boomer.
:lol: I'm Gen-X, you entitled Millennial! Suck it!!!

I EMBRACE change. Your rather Conservative views on freedom, and what people do with it, show that you are not nearly as change-positive.

I wouldn't be where I was if I stuck with social conventions of working til you're 65, retiring and then being miserable for the rest of your short life.

Democracy, even when it's flawed, has still been proven to be better than Authoritarianism.
No....representative style democracy hasn't been 'proven'. It is a blip on the radar. Economic consolidation and imperialism are the only proven methods to prosperity. This is exactly what the west did to grow rich quickly. Use military conquest to grow powerful, same as every other imperial project before.

Democracy you speak of is failing globally for a reason- it is failing from within. The problems are systemic and growing, despite the acquired advantages of two centuries of imperialism. US has maintained its system after collapse of Britain precisely by these methods - imperialism and conquest. Democracy has nothing to do with it. It's just makeup on a pig. But the underlying system is deeply flawed, as the flaws build up it is now collapsing.
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Democracy isn't new. Authoritarianism isn't either, and the biggest failures have been from that, historically speaking, I mean.

What's failing is Capitalism. Unchecked it's exploitive and the plebs are beginning to clue into that.

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