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Hollywood writing has been so bad in the last few years, that they could have already been replaced by AIs.

The writing in these big movies and TV shows has been mostly terrible. Good writing can't be replaced with an AI. Bad writing can.
If you saw Rings of Power, a $billion series, you'd know this needs to be the case. It was horrifically written and most of these Hollywood "blockbusters" that are failing, suffer from the same problems.

Push diversity, identity politics, and inclusivity, at the expense of story, plot, and acting. :knife:

An AI cannot mimic empathy and other emotions that make us feel connected to characters and become invested in them.
There lately was an article in the NY Post about a sci-fi writer who wrote several books in one year using chatGPT. This is of course controversial. But I can see that this would save time. He did say he still did edits but AI did most of the writing for him. And writers can use Midjourney to generate the book art.

AI could replace writers but not totally. Someone still needs to review the work and make sure that no copyrights are violated. AI cannot recognize copyrights...yet. This is a major concern.

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