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Muscovite’s Slaughter of Indigenous People in Alaska Tells Us Something Important About Ukraine​n war as well

so this topic is about :

Muscovite imperialism
Alaska under Moscow imperialists
Ukranien war

all crap off topic WILL BE REPORTED !

"the Muscovite one. As Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently claimed, Muscovy has “not stained itself with the bloody crimes of colonialism.”... Muscovites to effectively “enslave” local populations. Demanding “furs in exchange for [the] lives” of women and children, Muscovites would “sexually exploit the hostages” — and even “execute the hostages” should the fur intake fall short. All of it, just “to set an example” for other recalcitrant Indigenous populations....the broader crimes of Muscovite colonialism in Alaska, have been largely ignored."

very similar to Moscow´s colonial methods in Ukraine.... ... e-00123352

litwin wrote:so, Belarus , Mongolia , Finland, Japan , Ukraine, etc. can "restore historical justice".... the Muscovite horde, Please try so we can end this mess much more faster !

Moscow : "restore historical justice" by capturing Alaska, CALIFORNIA, Finland, Poland, Baltic States and ...




Well the usa officially belongs to the world and that includes Russia so I don't see why we would care if they take our states.

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