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What are the effects of a shortage of labor on the economy? Would this drive up wages more than prices? Would the standard of living within the country increase?

Why is a shortage of labor never allowed to happen? Why is it that as soon as there is the slightest indication of a shortage of skilled or unskilled labor, workers are quickly imported in from another country? Why is a real shortage of labor never allowed to happen? Do business interests influence immigration and economic policy?

It is supply and demand. An excess of demand for labor and a shortage of workers will mean higher wages, as businesses compete for scarce labor. Karl Marx wrote about "the army of the unemployed" driving down wages to subsistence levels. ... he_concept

In any of the countries with high standards of living, there are certain jobs that are regarded as jobs native citizens do not want to do. These are not merely all low wage jobs, but also jobs that require high degrees of education but only pay modest salaries. Or jobs that pay only moderately poorly but involve very unpleasant working conditions.

But would the wages and/or working conditions of these jobs be higher, or in some cases better, if there was not so many desperate people willing to fill them? What I mean is this: Would those jobs still be jobs native citizens would not want to do if the "shortage" of labor was not solved by bringing in people from outside the country's borders?
Europe is declining due to low birthrate even muslim nations like Bosnia and Albania do not have enough children... this is better for the environment...

But in some African countries you have 8 children per woman in averrage (even in Europe you can not provide for so many children).

Even in Balkan countries there is huge influx of immigrants...

The Ukrainian women and children have no other option then EU.... but some cross 20 countries and get asylum...
There is power in an imbalance between supply and demand.

For years, the demand for American labor will exceed supply, and that is putting power back in the hands of the American worker.

In the 80s, Republicans deliberately undermined workers. They would like to keep doing that, but they can't.

Wages will keep pace with inflation, or beat it. The demand will draw long term unemployed back in. The homeless crisis should stabilise.

The real answer to your question is learning about income inequality.

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