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Here's a story the mainstream media is giving almost no attention to.

As some of you may already know, Biden is trying to pull some strings, and there is a faction within the Democrat party leadership that is trying to rig the primaries to make sure Biden wins the nomination again.
The following below story is just one part of something bigger that is going on.

Florida Dems Cancel Democracy?
Dems Go FULL AUTHORITARIAN: Rig Florida Primary
link to video

Breaking Points, with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti
Florida Democrats End Primary in Gift to Biden

transcript of video

Inexplicable and yet totally explicable move, the Florida Democratic Party has now officially put Joe Biden on the ballot in Florida, cancelling their primary, and effectively making it so that there will be no democracy in the state of Florida for democrats.

(They show a video segment of Democrats in a crowded room with their hands in the air chanting "Four more years! Four more years!" Some are clapping in unison with the chant.)
So you can see them chanting 'four more years'. The thing is you can see them chant it before there was ever going to be a primary. I love the political headline here: (from Politico) 'Florida Democrats plan to cancel presidential Primary, enraging Dean Phillip's campaign'

Not just Dean Phillips' campaign, as we will show you, but...
Yeah, I love how they only mention him, when he's not even the leading Democrat contender. Anyway... classic...
What they are doing, and Nikki Fried, the chair the Florida Democratic party, says that the party has (quote) 'followed its standard process', and says that it is 'dismayed now by Dean Phillip's conspiratorial and inappropriate comments comparing the state of Florida to an Iranian regime, as part of his knee-jerk reaction to long-established procedures.' This comes to the 'delegation selection plan' that they basically sped through the Democratic convention, where, through bureaucratic means, they just cancelled the presidential primary completely. Here is what Dean Phillips had to say about that:

(video) 'Hey everybody. What happened in Florida yesterday is a tragedy, and a travesty. The Florida Democratic party decided -- just a handful of people -- decided to disenfranchise millions of Democratic voters in Florida, by saying we're not going to have a presidential primary. I'm running for president, there are others running for president as Democrats. And this is the type of stuff that happens in Tehran, not in Tallahassee (capital city of Florida). We've got to do something about this. I've been a lifelong Democrat, you know that. Supported our party since I was in my 20s... Been a member of congress for three terms, and was a member of House Democratic leadership. I've never seen something so absurd, so disenfranchising, and so suppressive of Democratic voters.'

I mean, I think he's right, Krystal, and unlike Politico, we'll mention some of the other candidates who are in the race: Cenk Uygur and Marianne Williamson also sounded off, they had a press conference on the subject. Here's what they had to say:

(video) Cenk: 'Marianne's at 12 percent. She would be, what, tied with DeSantis, above Nikki Haley. She would be second among the Republicans, let alone the fact that she's second among Democrats. On which planet is that not a valid candidate? ... It's so absurd, it's kafkaesque. Oh, a person polling higher than almost any challenger on the Republican or Democratic side, doesn't exist? Marriane: 'It's worth noting as well there's one person who could put an end to all this craziness, and that's President Biden. President Biden should simply make a phone call, say this isn't right, make sure it's changed, and it would be.'
Cenk: 'Such a great point. If I was the President, I'd be like, oh, Marrianne and Dean are running against me. Great, no problem, let's hear it out.'
...Marrianne: 'It is hurting the Democratic Party and its chances for 2024, that they are acting this way. Cenk and I are not hurting the Democratic Party chances in 2024, they are.'

Yeah, she's obviously right, and all the candidates should be outraged at this. And yet I think this barely dented mainstream coverage. Yeah, and the only reason it dented it at all is because of Dean Phillips.
And that's why I'm glad he's in the race, because we have this centrist-y member of Congress, you know, has the right credentials for the media to pay attention to, and whatever... and helps to elevate the just brazen undemocratic nature of this process. And of course goes without saying, the irony and the hypocrisy of a Democratic party that claims to quote 'be saving democracy', by literally cancelling democracy in the state of Florida, is quite something.

... In Florida, under state law, its left up to the parties to decide who gets put on the ballot. ... The other thing I was thinking about, is Biden is way ahead, Marrianne's at 12 percent, Dean Phillips is at 8 percent, Cenk's at 1 or 2 percent, in the polls he's been put on at this point. So you got a really large lead here. But I think they feel that their position is precarious. And whether it is or not, it's hard to say, but they're looking at the polls, the fact that so many Democratic voters are very anxious about Joe Biden, how many Democratic voters are very upset with Joe Biden, how many Democratic voters really hated his policy on Israel -- his policy on Israel is more popular with Republicans than it is with Democrats. And they feel a sense of vulnerability. And so they're worried, someone could catch fire in this moment and really take off and make a run at it.
Yeah, I think you're right, it's so obvious. They are trying... they are not trying, they are rigging it completely for Biden's benefit.

For those not aware of how the party election for nominations of presidential candidate works, the Democratic party in each state holds -- or usually holds -- state-wide elections, and then sends delegates to the Democratic National Convention. It's sort of similar to the way national elections and the Electoral College works.
Rancid wrote::lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm not sure what you're laughing about. You seem to have either a very different perception of reality, or an overly simplified view of what's going on.
In Republican circles, it would be unimaginable to suppress their own Republican party voters like this.

(To be fair, I think they did that a little bit in the 2008 presidential primaries, trying to prevent the "radical" Libertarian candidate Ron Paul from getting the nomination, but even that did not involve anything so blatant as this.)

But in Democrat circles, a lot of Democrats just seem willing to accept this and don't seem that amazed.
Puffer Fish wrote:
it would be very difficult to imagine the Republican Party ever doing this.

@Puffer Fish the GOP literally canceled primaries in 2020 in the following states:

Nevada, South Carolina, Kansas, Arizona, Alaska, Virginia, Hawaii, and New York.

In 2004, the following GOP state parties canceled their primaries:

Connecticut, Florida, Mississippi, New York, south Dakota, and Puerto Rico.

Why don't you stick to whining about rape being illegal?
Fasces wrote:@Puffer Fish the GOP literally canceled primaries in 2020 in the following states:
Nevada, South Carolina, Kansas, Arizona, Alaska, Virginia, Hawaii, and New York.

I see your point, it's sort of a fair point, but is a little more complex than that.
The GOP in those states did have better reasons to cancel their primaries. Arizona, Alaska, and Virginia, and Nevada Republicans were going to vote for Trump, there was no question about it, so the GOP wanted to save costs and dispense with the unnecessary.
In New York, none of the other candidates were able to submit the required number of supporters to qualify.

In Hawaii, it's not even usual for the GOP to hold a state-wide vote. Their first state-wide vote was only in 2012.

Hawaii holds first-ever GOP Presidential Caucus, March 13, 2012 ... op-caucus/

It's also a less important state because Hawaii never ends up voting for a Republican candidate. So it could be argued there's almost no point in the GOP giving Hawaii any vote over who the GOP candidate will be.
(Any Republican presidential candidate in the national election will get no votes from Hawaii in the Electoral College)

In contrast, Florida ended up throwing its vote to Obama (to the Democrats) in 2008 and 2012.
Even before that, in 2000, the presidential election was very close in Florida and they ended up having a recount. (Democrat candidate Al Gore almost won the state, and if he had, then would have won the national election)

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