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If you go for a bike ride, on the weekend, you get the couple hours of Zone 2 in. More sessions would be better, but that would get you most of the way there. Recent research has even shown that it helps heal the brain from the damage of aging.

I do an arm day, and a leg day, roughly once a week. It takes time for me to recover, I only need one day after arms, but 2 to 4 days after legs.

Over the years I have gotten a ton of bands and straps. You need to figure out what works for you, and sometimes that can get tricky. I have a lot of trouble with my shoulders if I am not really careful.

I can start a thread about working out, if you want.
wat0n wrote:Watch it, it's in Amazon (and it's pretty good).

Oh, yeah! :up:
Skynet wrote:@wat0n

No the boys is not possible according pysics, but rather like the following clip:

You’re missing the point, @Skynet.
Rancid wrote:It's not hard to believe if anyone were to engage in this sort of experimentation and research, it would be China. That said, I'm sure there isn't any hard evidence to this, so it's all wild speculation. That said, odds are, in the near and mid term, such efforts will not be successful in anyway.

Anyway, it's clear that if any new global conflict is started, it will be started by China, so the world will just have to unite against them.

That said, I want to grow my dick a little bigger. hopefully I can do that.

This response made me laugh a lot Rancid. You want to hack your genes to make your what grow bigger a little bit? Hmm. Do you have ED at your age Rancid?

Bio hack. Stephen Hawking was a massive weakling physically. But mentally that man was a genius. He was supposed to croak way before he did. Yet, he lived on for years, with no ability to speak, walk, talk, or cook or care for his bodily needs. The man lived off the power of his mind.

If you need to hack something then try to hack your mind and to be the least ignorant person in the world, the kindest, the most thoughtful and the most curious to solve very human suffering and human problems that lower all of our quality of life.

But no--the powers that be want to hack us in order to create superior soldiers to do what exactly? Go to War?

How is that using the power of the human mind wisely?

Now, I can understand Rancid's desires. He wants to create the pinnacle of male desire for sexual the man with the greatest what?

Let me laugh some more. You sin verguenza! :lol:
I am now 40 and suffer for months because of disc prolapse... I wanted to use Anapolon but hormones are WW2 tech, we have now peptides who have fewer side effects... I try to organize BPC-157

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